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Advanced Network & Security Solutions

We provide time and frequency sychronization , and integrated cryptographic security solutions with value-added high technology products in your projects.


Cyber Security Solutions

Maximum Data Protection: Integrated ASIC chips (Embedded Operating System + HSM) + Fiber Network. We provide fast and controllable high operational performance by using advanced cyber security softwares.


Data Security

Leveraging breakthrough encryption technologies, centralized key management, and a platform-agnostic architecture, Data-centric security approach enables sensitive data to be protected across every enterprise system while ensuring the businesses can access and use the data when and how they need. (Distributed systems, big data, cloud, and mobile)


Access Management & Authentication

Our multi-factor authentication products and solutions running on the central platform help you reduce risk by strengthening authentication security and efficiency. By integrating Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) into your existing authentication processes, we create highly secure systems to authenticate users.


Accurate, Secure, Resilient PNT

Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) data powers critical infrastructure systems in telecommunications, energy, logistic, public and healthcare services, financial services and many other industries..... That same PNT data is also necessary for emergency situations even in GPS/GNSS denied environments.

Mission: To be a leading firm, committed to meet expectations of our long-time corporate clients by delivering value-added advanced network and security systems, solutions, products and services.

Vision: Helping shape tomorrows business goals using advanced security services.

About Us: Our heritage is one of excellence and innovation; from the very beginning, our company has been known for superior product quality and excellent service. We’re proud to continue with those same values and mission today....

Values: Long term partnership, Sustainability, Integrity Impact

We Are On Your Side

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Remote Problem Diagnosis

We use electronic remote connection tools to isolate your problem and find a solution. 7 / 24 Service within the scope of support: Services every day every time of the year.

On-site Hardware Support

​For the critical issues which can not be resolved remotely, a Tekno A Support Engineer will be at your site to take your troubled hardware back for repair and setup up a spare HSM to continue the regular daily operation.

dunya Global Solutions

Need for security is global. so Teknoa A is

anlasma Long Term, Trusted Partnership

Our goal is to be your life long trusted partner with high degree of commitment.

user Customer Centric Approach

We analyse our customer's technology requirements.


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