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Drones can massively obstruct police protection.

Our AARTOS Drone Detection System was the exclusive anti-drones solution to protect the NATO summit in Brussels in 2018. Delivered quickly and ready for use, our system alone fulfilled all police requirements, such as the multi-target detection and a high range in the urban environment.

We offer cost-effective, portable versions which can also be used for general radio monitoring or for preservation of evidence.

The AARTOS system is reliably available to you on request as a mobile solution within one minute, and enables extremely fast location of drones and their pilots.


- Fast deployment capability

- Portable and/or can be carried

- Also suitable for general radio monitoring

- Easy operation

- Suitable for jamming detection

- Perfect for preservation of evidence

- Cost-effective, portable versions

- Complex events such as G20, NATO Summit can be monitored

- Deployable in urban environments


Quickly deployable for safety

Our system is characterised by rapid deployability and is already in use and relied upon internationally for police protection and securing evidence.

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